Animal と Education がテーマのオージー娘が綴るつれづれ日記。

My lovely neighbors


Spring has come! The day is getting longer and the temperature is so comfortably warm with dry temperate breeze. Flowers and new leaves are coming out and lizards are basking under the sun. This is the loveliest time of the year, spring make me so happy because I can feel the power of nature around me very strongly.

Everyday when I walk around in the uni campus, I say hello to my lovely neighbors. Let me introduce some of them.



Today my collage, International House (IH), had the biggest event in our annual calendar, which is “Soiree”. I don’t know why it’s called so, but it’s a multinational cultural exhibition, food stalls and entertainment festival presented by all the IH residents. We sold a variety of foods and beer from 13 different countries, displayed national flags, costumes, traditional arts and crafts, and performed music and dances on the stage.


Studying at Uni

It's been already a month since my university started. Time flies like a spear! It is often said that "Time goes by very quickly when having a fulfilling life", and it is true. I'm having a fulfilling days with the studies and the life in IH (<-International House, one of the uni collages).



Uni has started!

After leaving Cleveland, I moved to St.Lucia, which is the suberb of Brisbane where my university campus(University of Queensland) is. Now I live in a uni college called International House and I will live here until the end of this semester in June.

s-P1020617.jpg s-P1020616.jpg



しまった! コウモリを1匹逃がしてしまいました(>_<)!


Staying with a Bat Woman

After going back home in Japan for a while, I came back to Australia again and now I am staying with a lady in Cleveland, one hour drive from Brisbane to the east.
The lady's name is Louise (different Louise from the one on the farm), and as you can imagine from the title, she takes care of bats at home! Not as a hobby but as a conservation volunteering. I met her at the RSPCA event in November and she kindly let me stay with her until I move to the Uni collage in February.





As a Japanese

After I left Japan I came to think about my identity as a Japanese, more than ever. Living in a foreign country gives me a more objective view of myself as a Japanese.
P1000757.jpg P1000750.jpg P1000722.jpg

frangepani blossums


Having fun with my classmates

Last week was the 5th week of the course of my ESL(English as a Second Language) school, which was just the half way through. I'm quite enjoying coming to school, thanks to my nice classmates. Actually, the classes are kind of boring... But I'm happy because I learn many things from my classmates. My class consists of 14 students: 5 Chinese guys, 2 Tiwanese girls, 2 Koreans (a guy and a girl), a Vietnamese guy, girls from Tanzania, Oman, East Timor, and Japan (me). We often teach each other our language, culture, customs etc.